Accenture debuts Facebook-like global employee network

Posted on August 10, 2007. Filed under: Organization 2.0 |

Just got to know about this on the fastforward blog – “Accenture debuts Facebook-like global employee networkI have always believed there is no black or white , just shades of gray everywhere. Nothing can be looked upon in isolation; you just have to look at the bigger picture.

So that’s why one shouldn’t really be surprised with this overlap of collaborative technologies and social networking.

On a different note – I am just a newbie is this web 2.0 space – my induction to web 2.0 tools started about a year back. It sure has been an interesting and fascinating journey. If you ask me web 2.0 just HAD to happen .The writing was all over the walls.

With internet and then Google (that one word has changed our lives!!) there was so much information available on just about everything under the sun. At times it was overwhelming and at times it was exasperating to use a cliché here like searching for a needle in haystack.

Ask yourself what do you do when in doubt? It could be anything at work or at home or elsewhere. I bet the answer is you look for authority figures/subject matter experts/leaders call them what you may . But that’s what you do. This scenario was no different (not to mention the fact that we were taking just about anything online), with so much information available somebody had to make sense out of it .Blogs and wiki’s came to the rescue and made a meaningful whole out of the World Wide Web.

Moving to another scenario altogether , the world by and large has become a more demanding place .And so have


people inhabiting it .We demand more from just about everything and the most from our lives. Just about everyday the primer to being happy is being updated and more and more people are subscribing to it.

With so much happening on the outside, how could the workplaces continue with walls drawn outside its boundaries and set patterns inside of those walls? Though there are some workplaces that are already there …
Next post we start dissecting the “organization”.


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