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Posted on August 16, 2007. Filed under: Organization 2.0 |

Innovation and Organization 2.0 are tied somewhere at the hip. Innovation definitely would be a fallout of so many people collaborating. It’s got more to do with the attitude than skill.

I regularly go back to Gautam’s blog and generally like what I read there. Read somewhere that the most successful bloggers are those who meet the following criteria.

  • who write/comment with an air of authority and
  • who are passionate about what they write

Gautam fulfills both these criterias.
On a recent post on innovation, Gautam mentions that we usually underestimate our ability to be creative and innovative.How very true!

At MangoSpring I really haven’t been able to put my finger on it , but there’s something in the air that get’s all kind of whacky ideas to the table.

Like recently we have launched this email campaign for recruiting. Mail goes like this…
Isn’t that cool 🙂
Have tried something out of the box at your workplace , would love to hear from you about it .


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