Basics of Implementing Enterprise 2.0

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There’s an idea and there’s an implementation of the idea and there’s a bottom line truth/inference for the whole scenario that each one familiar with the scenario comes to.

What am I talking of here ? You’ll find out in a minute .

Enterprise 2.0 is an idea.There are going to be loads of ways big and small organizations can implement it read An Introduction to Enterprise 2.0 and Implementing social technologies inside organizations. All these implementations would obviously be based on each of those organizations interpretations of the idea and the need of the hour for them.

What’s my truth from this whole scenario… may be this has got to do with the fact that I am the “communicator types” with a very high I (as in the DISC profile). If you ask me everything in this world can be solved, only if people would talk honestly to each other and lay down/state their thoughts openly. What’s important is that there is an open process of communication with people understanding each others needs.
In this whole Enterprise thing also isn’t that what we are talking about over and over and over again.Enterprise 2.0 is all about collaboration. It’s just that enterprise 2.0 tools maybe help you a little bit to collaborate, and no doubt being a collective effort it is set to kind of succeed. But you can’t deny the fact that ultimately it’s you as a person who has to decide to collaborate and so is it for the next person and the next and so on. SO what it means basically is that all those inter-personal issues of trust and sharing and team still hold water. You haven’t taken them away by enterprise 2.0 and therefore we come back the whole circle !!
And yes for those who look for an ROI in everything they invest time in , here’s the excerpt from the McKinsey’s report on Aastha’s Blog.

  • McKinsey research shows that initiatives to address “soft” management issues- such as talent, culture, and values- may have a direct financial payoff
  • There seems to be an especially strong link between the bottom line and efforts to invest in skills, improve reporting relationships, increase the flow of ideas, and measure performance and risk.

Time for the non-believers to pay some attention ?


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