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Almost immediately after my last post a colleague happened to read it and stopped by to ask if I wasn’t over-simplifying the whole thing and since I hadn’t sorted out that comment in my head maybe I found an excuse of being busy and thus no posts for an entire week!!

Now let’s try and dissect the whole thing a bit further, in a workplace generally/mostly knowledge (of any kind ) is power .

  • If you know which is the next big project coming in, it’s power since now that you know about it, you would also know the right people to reserve yourself a berth in that project
  • If you know what the manager has rated other’s as in an appraisal you obviously are in the inner circle .The circle with the ability to influence things.
  • If you have the right skills, it definitely is power over your colleagues and seniors .

So it does happen that a lot of people hoard information/knowledge. This is the challenge that knowledge management guru’s struggle with , finding the right guys with the right information and then convincing them to disseminate it meaningfully across the organization.

Now let’s see what happens in an online model? Let’s say blogging -because of the inherent nature of the model, the more you share the more powerful you become are perceived to be. The more powerful you become the more you attract the other powerful people thus forming a community. I don’t think I would need to argue the power of communities.

So guess, for any organization wanting to implement the Enterprise 2.0 model would have to make the paradigm shift from hoarding to sharing. What could help is incentivisation of sharing to give it a push .

Now about trust… how do you build trust? It would be there if the management makes a concentrated effort for being fair and consistent. It helps if there is transparency. We at MangoSpring use TaskBin to achieve transparency, a tool which helps us achieve just that. It started with our quest in the early days for a light weight team management tool. Since we weren’t satisfied with the one’s available we just went ahead and built one from scratch!! With TaskBin all the tasks in a team are shared and visible to everyone bottom up and top down both ways. Does away the need for status meetings and also suited to the needs of teams working across locations.

Finally when you have trust and you have sharing you have a team!!

There’s another interesting perspective on the fastforward blog read here.


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