We Have Fun At Work

Posted on September 17, 2007. Filed under: Happiness |

What platforms do you offer in your organization, for team members to get to know each other? Is it a once a year annual gathering that you organize with much fanfare and spend huge amounts on? How do you foster a feeling of belonging and ownership amongst the team members? Wait a minute! are these words “belonging “,”ownership” just empty words beaten to death at your workplace? How much time and thought is spared by leaders on trust, transparency, morale? Even before you get to answer those questions… who do you have at the helm of affairs? A leader or a manager?AND

Most importantly do your people have fun on the job?

Phew! what a lot of questions? And why am I even raising these questions?

We have been talking of collaboration all along for the enterprise 2.0 model. Now how would you have collaboration online in your organization, if you don’t have it offline?

If you have been thinking of implementing any of the enterprise 2.0 approaches at your workplace, it would be worthwhile to answer the questions above .

We have a unique approach to Enterprise 2.0 – that of HAPPINESS and I have fun finding unique ways to put a smile on every one’s face. It’s a pretty informal atmosphere that we have built, we pull each other’s leg go out for hikes, lunches, bowling together. We play cricket and or football over the weekend or get together for a pot lunch. At work when we feel the need to unwind we go play Foosball and are right now in the throes of arranging a chess championship – the decision for one was taken by a few of us who stayed back late at work one day and decided over dinner that it would be fun. What was the most fun was the TEAM CHALLENGE activity that we did a few months back to find some use case scenarios for the product we are about to launch soon. See! how we could integrate fun with work. Then we have the Pathshala sessions (Hindi for School) where we have loads of fun and come away with messages worth thinking about. It could be anything like making proper use of resources or how to be creative at the workplace. The point is sooner or later everyone at MangoSpring catches the happiness bug :).

The result do I hear you asking?

1. We have fun at work AND with work.
2. We are positive and productive .

The culture that we have built by having one eye on trust, transparency, and fun all along while the other eye focused on building the product and the strategy. Sadly though very few organizations realize this… the focus internally nowhere equals the focus externally.

I would definitely love to know if all of this makes sense to you!


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