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Almost immediately after my last post a colleague happened to read it and stopped by to ask if I wasn’t over-simplifying the whole thing and since I hadn’t sorted out that comment in my head maybe I found an excuse of being busy and thus no posts for an entire week!!

Now let’s try and dissect the whole thing a bit further, in a workplace generally/mostly knowledge (of any kind ) is power .

  • If you know which is the next big project coming in, it’s power since now that you know about it, you would also know the right people to reserve yourself a berth in that project
  • If you know what the manager has rated other’s as in an appraisal you obviously are in the inner circle .The circle with the ability to influence things.
  • If you have the right skills, it definitely is power over your colleagues and seniors .

So it does happen that a lot of people hoard information/knowledge. This is the challenge that knowledge management guru’s struggle with , finding the right guys with the right information and then convincing them to disseminate it meaningfully across the organization.

Now let’s see what happens in an online model? Let’s say blogging -because of the inherent nature of the model, the more you share the more powerful you become are perceived to be. The more powerful you become the more you attract the other powerful people thus forming a community. I don’t think I would need to argue the power of communities.

So guess, for any organization wanting to implement the Enterprise 2.0 model would have to make the paradigm shift from hoarding to sharing. What could help is incentivisation of sharing to give it a push .

Now about trust… how do you build trust? It would be there if the management makes a concentrated effort for being fair and consistent. It helps if there is transparency. We at MangoSpring use TaskBin to achieve transparency, a tool which helps us achieve just that. It started with our quest in the early days for a light weight team management tool. Since we weren’t satisfied with the one’s available we just went ahead and built one from scratch!! With TaskBin all the tasks in a team are shared and visible to everyone bottom up and top down both ways. Does away the need for status meetings and also suited to the needs of teams working across locations.

Finally when you have trust and you have sharing you have a team!!

There’s another interesting perspective on the fastforward blog read here.

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Can Organization 2.0 help Engage your employees

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Companies are filled with alienated employees who feel underutilized and ignored, and are either coasting or searching for new jobs elsewhere. A whopping 70% of U.S. employees say they feel either “not engaged” or “actively disengaged” at work , according to a recent survey by the Gallup Organization.

As the number of employees grows and their specialization increases it creates a high degree of alienation (because people feel under-utilized). The trend is of organizations to be moving away from directive and authoritarian management styles, towards a more participative approach.

This is where I feel the 2.0 approach could help in a big way. The more the employees collaborate and “discover” each other the more the chances of them finding out new avenues for exploration and contribution. Which would in turn help them feel more engaged at work and more involved. This would be more true in large organizations with big teams , split into smaller units spread across the globe. In the case of small to mid size organizations it would help in making the team more cohesive and more transparent.2.0 technologies would help start the process of community building .

Kai Kraemer though in his blog on web 2.0 for the enterprise (Web 2.0 for the Enterprise ) is of a different opinion though. He says –

It is redundant to state that Web 2.0 applications, based on user contribution and collaboration, network effects and user communities, can only be realized if users actively participate. Cooperation and involvement are furthered by links between the members of a project. Therefore, Web 2.0 applications stand a good chance of succeeding in a company if they are a sequel to existing communication processes within the company itself and between the company and its customers.

Because any Web 2.0 application will be a highly dynamic project, flexibility is the most important criterion when deciding on the technology platform. In order to increase the safety of the investment, scalability should also be carefully considered. It is essential that the software is able to grow with the needs of the users – in terms of both quality and quantity.

The interesting point here is that humans have mostly always stayed in communities and groups. However individualistic we all might turn a group and community is still what we crave at some level or the other of our existence and the virtual world is not going to be an exception here. 🙂

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Innovative recruitment @ Organization 2.0

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Innovation and Organization 2.0 are tied somewhere at the hip. Innovation definitely would be a fallout of so many people collaborating. It’s got more to do with the attitude than skill.

I regularly go back to Gautam’s blog and generally like what I read there. Read somewhere that the most successful bloggers are those who meet the following criteria.

  • who write/comment with an air of authority and
  • who are passionate about what they write

Gautam fulfills both these criterias.
On a recent post on innovation, Gautam mentions that we usually underestimate our ability to be creative and innovative.How very true!

At MangoSpring I really haven’t been able to put my finger on it , but there’s something in the air that get’s all kind of whacky ideas to the table.

Like recently we have launched this email campaign for recruiting. Mail goes like this…
Isn’t that cool 🙂
Have tried something out of the box at your workplace , would love to hear from you about it .

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Accenture debuts Facebook-like global employee network

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Just got to know about this on the fastforward blog – “Accenture debuts Facebook-like global employee networkI have always believed there is no black or white , just shades of gray everywhere. Nothing can be looked upon in isolation; you just have to look at the bigger picture.

So that’s why one shouldn’t really be surprised with this overlap of collaborative technologies and social networking.

On a different note – I am just a newbie is this web 2.0 space – my induction to web 2.0 tools started about a year back. It sure has been an interesting and fascinating journey. If you ask me web 2.0 just HAD to happen .The writing was all over the walls.

With internet and then Google (that one word has changed our lives!!) there was so much information available on just about everything under the sun. At times it was overwhelming and at times it was exasperating to use a cliché here like searching for a needle in haystack.

Ask yourself what do you do when in doubt? It could be anything at work or at home or elsewhere. I bet the answer is you look for authority figures/subject matter experts/leaders call them what you may . But that’s what you do. This scenario was no different (not to mention the fact that we were taking just about anything online), with so much information available somebody had to make sense out of it .Blogs and wiki’s came to the rescue and made a meaningful whole out of the World Wide Web.

Moving to another scenario altogether , the world by and large has become a more demanding place .And so have


people inhabiting it .We demand more from just about everything and the most from our lives. Just about everyday the primer to being happy is being updated and more and more people are subscribing to it.

With so much happening on the outside, how could the workplaces continue with walls drawn outside its boundaries and set patterns inside of those walls? Though there are some workplaces that are already there …
Next post we start dissecting the “organization”.

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Happiness @ Enterprise 2.0

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I think people get quiet impressed by jargons of any kind (me included) .

Jargons tend to reflect the following –

* It’s not really rocket science but almost there (know what I mean J )
* I am a part of a movement, one that’s taking the world by storm right now !
* I know more than you and I think I know

The one that’s caught by fancy last few months has been Organization 2.0(some also call it Enterprise 2.0. There’s a lot of debate out there on the net about what is Organization 2.0 and what is not .Will it work or will it not .

There’s another wave splashing over the workplaces .The happiness culture is here to stay and rightly too. Check out at

Now if you take the two and stir those around to form a culture at the workplace .I would say you have a potent mix.The purpose of this blog is exactly that , to capture my thoughts and experiences with both of them.

Happy Reading ! and yes look forward to comments/thoughts/anecdotes and experiences of all those readers who stop by at my blog

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